deprivation, maternal

deprivation, maternal

Dictionary of sociology. 2013.

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  • Maternal oral health — has been shown to effect the well being of both the mother and her unborn fetus. Oral health has long been considered an arena of its own, distinct from general health, but there has been a recent push to bring together these two fields. The 2000 …   Wikipedia

  • Maternal deprivation — Mother and child The term maternal deprivation is a catch phrase summarising the early work of psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, John Bowlby on the effects of separating infants and young children from their mother (or mother substitute)[1]… …   Wikipedia

  • Deprivation — Der Begriff Deprivation (von lateinisch deprivare, „berauben“) bezeichnet allgemein den Zustand der Entbehrung, des Entzuges, des Verlustes oder der Isolation von etwas Vertrautem sowie das Gefühl einer Benachteiligung. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • deprivation — Literally the taking away of something or the state of being dispossessed, the term is loosely used for the condition of not having something, whether or not it was previously possessed, with the implication that the person in question could… …   Dictionary of sociology

  • maternal deprivation — the result of premature loss or absence of the mother or of lack of proper mothering; see also maternal deprivation syndrome, under syndrome …   Medical dictionary

  • deprivation dwarfism — severe growth retardation in infants as a result of emotional deprivation, as in maternal deprivation syndrome. Called also psychosocial d. and psychosocial short stature …   Medical dictionary

  • maternal deprivation syndrome — failure to thrive with severe growth retardation (deprivation dwarfism), unresponsiveness to the environment, depression, retarded mental and emotional development, and behavioral problems resulting from loss of, absence of, or neglect by the… …   Medical dictionary

  • maternal deprivation — John Bowlby s term for the absence of the maternal care considered necessary for later mental health. Subsequent research sought to specify child care requirements such as love, attachment, and stimulation and the respective effects of their lack …   Dictionary of sociology

  • maternal deprivation — lack of motherly affection or attention during the stage when a child most needs its mother …   English contemporary dictionary

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